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OBS and OBS-Studio: Install Plugins (windows)

OBS-Studio can be extended using Plugins. To install them we currently in most cases need to extract a zip/rar or 7z file and place its content into the correct OBS folder.

First of all we need to know where our OBS is installed and second we need to know which version of OBS we are running to successfully extract the plugin.

For OBS-Studio both the 32bit and 64bit version use the same main folder. Most plugins should also support both versions and offer you an easy installation by putting everything into an obs-plugins folder in their archive. In that case you would simply extract this obs-plugins folder directly into your main OBS-Studio folder overwriting the already existing one. By default OBS-Studio should be installed under C:\Program Files\OBS-Studio unless you changed it in the installer.

Assuming your plugin only supports either the 32 or 64bit version of OBS you might have to extract or put the plugin directly into the corresponding obs-plugins folder. In this case also make sure you are running the correct OBS-Studio version that fits to the plugin.
32bit = OBS 0.XX.X (windows/mac/linux) -> obs-plugins\32bit
64bit = OBS 0.XX.X (64bit, windows/mac/linux) -> obs-plugins\64bit

If you are running OBS or OBS-Studio in portable mode you will of course also find the plugins/obs-plugins folder in your portable OBS folder.

In the future OBS-Studio will most likely get some kind of plugin management system which will make this whole process even easier.

Default plugin location:
32bit (x86) - C:\Program Files (x86)\OBS\plugins
64bit (x64) - C:\Program Files\OBS\plugins
The OBS window title will show you if you are running the 64bit version:
32bit = ... - Open Broadcaster Software v0.657b
64bit = ... - Open Broadcaster Software v0.657b - 64bit
After you checked which version of OBS you are running, open the downloaded archive and extract its content to the corresponding plugins folder.
Copying the archive into this folder will not work, it has to be extracted.
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