OBS Advanced Text By: HappiBot.com

OBS Advanced Text By: HappiBot.com v0.1.1

Update v0.1.1

Sorry for any problems with the last ZIP file, it seems it may have gotten corrupt at some point.
This version has some bug fixes relating with the width/height of the rendered frame.

Please note that the scroll speeds are the amount of time it takes from text to get from one end to the next. Therefore 5 is slower than 1.

Beta Release v0.1.0
So we have the new Beta version!
This version comes standard with many more features including auto-resize on file/url change, animation, and even more text-beautifying features (outlines, backgrounds, justification,....)!

As with the Alpha release please report any bugs along with a OBS log so I can help track them down and fix them.

I have tried to crash this version and have been unsuccessful so it seems quite stable!
Please let me know what else you want by placing it on the HappiBot.com forums under the feature requests section!


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