OBS Advanced Text By: HappiBot.com

OBS Advanced Text By: HappiBot.com v0.1.1

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  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
It had been bugging me that I cant get a simple text website to load and be updated on OBS, boom OBS Advanced Text By: HappiBot.com was born.

This is a CLR plugin, CLRHostPlugin is required to use it!

This plugin is in alpha stages and is expected to have bugs and wanted features. At the current time it is able to pull text from: A file, A Website, or A Static string.

When a file or website are selected you can have the text update every X seconds.

Text is displayed in a beautiful manner!

I am aware of some bugs facing this plugin:
No justification options (left, right, center)
Text does not auto-resize when updated.

This is simply an alpha v0.0.1 and I plan on updating it ASAP with features requested by it's users.

For now this is very useful with TwitchAlerts desktop app as it will help you make some very beautiful scenes!
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