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Free npl (Now PLaying) Simple CLI Poller 1.0

npl - command line tool for now playing data

Now PLaying polls the currently playing track from and saves it as a text file along with an album art image.


(delays shortened for brevity)

Download binaries for Windows, OS X and Linux | Source code


npl SmilyOrg

Simplest usage case, writes my currently playing track to `nowplaying.txt` and the album art to `cover.jpg`, updating every 10 seconds.

npl SmilyOrg -i track.txt -m album.jpg -d default.png -s 2

Saves track name into `track.txt`, album art into `album.jpg`, uses `default.png` as the default album art and is set to update every 2 seconds.


npl (Now PLaying)

Grabs now playing data from and provides it via CLI output and as files on the file system.

Default album art "Circular auriculars" is CC BY 3.0 by GraphBerry.

Usage: npl USER

  -k, --key <key>                  Use a custom API key, a default one
                                   is provided for compiled binaries. 
  -i, --info <info>                Path to the file that should contain the
                                   currently playing track name. The track name is empty
                                   if there is nothing currently playing. 
  -m, --image <image>              Path to the image file that should contain
                                   the album art of the currently playing track.
                                   If the track doesn't have associated album art
                                   or if there is nothing playing, a default one
                                   is provided. 
  -d, --image-default <imageDefault>
                                   default image to use instead of the built-in one. 
  -s, --interval <interval>        Interval of polling updates in seconds.
  -h, --help                       Print this help message.

This is the first version, so it doesn't have a lot of customization.
Feel free to leave any comments / suggestions for the features you'd like to see!
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