NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/Youtube/Soundcloud]

Free NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/Youtube/Soundcloud]

Works great and It's easy to use, thank you so much for this widget :D
It looks so cool.
Excellent Work, easy Use, Friendly and fast support, up to date
I work with NowPlaying for 1,5 years and its the best!
NowPlaying is a great tool for visualizing your Spotify or StreamElements songs! I highly recommend this tool for your stream.
Great Tool! Love how you can customize it and how easy it was to set-up
This works so well, I'm really happy... thank you.
Awesome widget!! People saying it doesn't work should not be streaming!!! Easy setup and works perfectly!! Great job!
Made an account to just submit a 5 star rating. Been using it for awhile and noticed the 2 star review and it's just wrong. It's easy to use and it works.
Good idea. Doesn't work.
The widget works fine. Like i said before you should make a ticket in discord so i can help you better/faster.
Love the now playing and the developer is very helpful!