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Non-Free Non-Free - Audio Duck On the fly

Non-FREE Audio Duck on the fly
Improves your audio sessions.

About the application

Audio Duck is a standalone application for live audio processing. It allows you to apply auto duck option in real time. Volume is decreased depending on input audio channel threshold. Threshold can be customized. Input channel can be a microphone, browser, Skype or any other active application. Audio Duck is a software which can be used both on professional environments as well as student's laptops. There is only single version of this application with no artificial limitations.

Main features of this app:

  • Automatically detects all available audio channels (includes input and output audio channels)
  • Automatic refreshing for new channels
  • Configuration for fade in and fade out periods
  • Configuration for pause time before the fade out effect occurs
  • Saving multiple presets for audio channels
  • Simple, modern interface
  • Designed for streamers, gamers, (pod)casters, youtubers and others

You can try this application for free by following this link We provide free support for users. You can also request new features if there's anything missing that you would find useful. We will enhance application to suit your needs.

Let us know if the application is useful to you for your recordings using our contact form

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Happy ducking, Audio Ducking!
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