Free NohBoard v1.3.0

I like this app but I know of better ones but it is quite acceptable although it is a program it makes no sense to be a program it is better to be an obs plugin although it is
When I use window capture to display NohBoard in OBS, two extra instances of it are displayed in the scene in addition to the source itself which I can move around. I can attach a screenshot if necessary.

Also, it's frustrating that when I add a new element to a default keyboard, the new key's size is always slightly smaller than the keys the default layout starts with. I tried editing the size of the new keys by going to Keyboard Properties then adjusting the size but I'm pretty sure that's just for the entire keyboard, not individual keys.

And why isn't there an option to move the elements on a grid instead of having to eyeball their alignment with one another every time?
Dual PC Stream Review. Would love to see the ability to remove the Title Bar as well as make the background transparent. Since I use 1 PC for Gaming and another for Streaming I can't use chroma key filters to bypass this. Other than those 2 options wanted, the Tool works as intended and I've started to make my own layouts for specific games. Mainly using this to test Input Drop/Lag/Queue within games. Those moments you know you clicked but the game said no...goodbye. Thanks for this Tool.
Very cool app! I first downloaded a very outdated version by mistake, couldn't change the Keyboard layout, wrote an issue on Github, and within 24 hours, I got an answer and everything works fine now!
Easy to set up and a simple, sleek design. However, running OBS as admin will stop NohBoard from working as it won't register my key presses or mouse clicks - the only way to solve this is not running OBS as admin. Other than that, it's a great app to use.
The design is very nice, and I like how easy it is to set up.
Everything is perfect, but it's just that it doesn't work on my favorite game, Global server Maplestory (GMS)... It's just sad and I don't know what the problem is. I also checked if it shows on my monitor through my twitch streaming. Keys pressed changes when I'm on other browsers or a game like League of Legend, but no on Maplestory.
It has a great way now to edit it and I have been doing for myself some keyboards heheh,

but I have a question:
How can I edit a higher refresh rate? Sometimes when I press a button, its not release at once. So games like StepMania looks like I'm not pressing those buttons :)
<3 for everything else is just AWESOME.
Is not user friendly and will require some trial and error to get a great layout customized and tailored for yourself. There are several pre-made layouts as well as user-posted layouts however.

A great resource for any streamer looking to display key or mouse button presses.
It works fine in obs and if you tamper with colours you can get a sleek personalized transparent board but yeah.
Trying to theorycraft how this would work if you broadcast from an other computer than you game with. So either Nohboard would have to be open on my gaming rig sharing the data collected via a link that I put into the same program on my broadcasting computer and then i screencapture the feed of the correct keyboard. Or, i use a second screen (TV in my case) then hook the broadcasting computer up to that tv and it would collect what is happening on that screen, would guess i need a second catpure card for that, so a bad option. Am i on to something here? bit confusing! but interesting
So tested and used on windows 10

the conclusion is this is some seriously fine software

You can customize just about everything. don't like which keys are showing? no problem. don't like where they are at? no problem. color, border, width, height, what it smells like, all customizable.

i haven't tried to to change this yet, but the only thing i might not be able to customize is replacing the mouse button "LMB" with an icon instead. but in the end i can live with that considering the endless range of possibilities

in my video using OBS studio as far as i can tell there is no lag, but i am using a medium-high range gaming desktop.

i look forward to his upcoming C# version, however long it may be
You cannot find a better free version of this type of software.
It does the job :D.
You can even make your own layouts and share it with other easily.