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#MyCount is a simple ticker style counting app for Twitch broadcasters. It allows you to increment or decrement from any number while writing the result to a text file.

This project started as a simple death counter for my own stream, but as the project moved along it ended up turning into a more complete, refined project than I had initially planned. As a result, I thought it may be cool to release this and see if anyone else could find a use for it.

Aside from tracking your death count, you could use it to track any count where manually increasing or decreasing a value is acceptable. For example: displaying your leveling progress while starting a new MMO, tracking the number of giveaways done in a stream, tracking your kills while playing a competitive game and more.


  • Maintain multiple counts, switching between them at any time.
  • Easily manage your counts; create, edit or delete your counts without any cumbersome text file editing.
  • You can bind hotkeys, allowing you to increase, decrease and reset your count while the program is minimized or out-of-focus.
  • Count data is saved to an easy to read XML file that can be backed up.
  • Every count change is saved to the count data XML so you never lose a change due to a computer crash or error.
  • Minimal GUI mode that only shows the current count value and title, so the program takes up as little monitor real estate as possible when being monitored.
This program is simple, relatively speaking, and should be pretty straight forward.
That being said if you find a bug or have any issues please let me know on:


*NOTE: This program requires .net 4.5 framework from Microsoft. The installer has been added to the archive.
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  1. Updating external download link.

    Updating external download link.
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    I took down my old site and updated the download link to a new source.
  3. .Net 4.5 Framework installed added to archive.

    I have included the required .Net Framework installer in the archive.

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Great plugin! Thanks for creating this. Extremely easy to use. Thank you!
love it, thanks
Cory Freeman
Cory Freeman
Hey thanks for the comment! I'm very glad you like my program.