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Multiple RTMP outputs plugin 2020-05-17

Hi guys, it seems like there is a problem with your plugin and chaturbate. When I am going to log in to Chaturbate after a 30min break, the connection is weak, and not possible to log in without 3 to 10 attempts. Can you please fix that? Thank you and take care!
No problems at all, so thumb up!!
I just would like to be able to disable audio for some server (ie.: I want to send video to facebook but not audio).
Very good plugin.
Any luck to specifying x264 re-econde parameters (such as tune zerolatency) or bframes in case of nvenc ?
It does stream to anywhere you want, BIG BUT, you can't centralize all your chats into 1 thing, nor does it broadcast what 1 person says in 1 chat to the others, dividing your community and making you somehow stay on top of every single chat on it's own
I dont even try this. I came here because someone has share it on youtube. Big thanks to youtuber and specially to Sorayuki as developer of this kind of goodness. I am so glad for this creation.
Thank you, thank you very much. Now I can have OBS use Restream and this for my local RTMP server. Yes I know local RTMP server can connect to Restream, but I don't know if that works with disconnects and dynamic bit rate. Now I don't have to know!
Amazing! Allows us to broadcast to both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.
I could not find profile path of Streaming created under multirtmp plugin. I'm looing for profile path to start streaming commandline.
I have same problem like "chrisinhim". The first test worked. After that it no longer works. I click "stream" and it also tells me that it would stream, but nothing shows up on Facebook and Youtube.
it worked fine when I installed it. but it gave me an error from the second time. I got an error saying "Error.CreateEncoder" under Btn.Start button
Thank you so much for this plugin! I am using it to send multi-bitrate feeds to Stream Monkey at my church and I am using it to send Facebook/Youtube for other events I stream. I use it ALL THE TIME!
For people wanting to do something like this on Linux, you would want to set up a self-hosted rtmp server. Pretty easy. This video is very helpful - I give some help in the comments section on how to set up the nginx.conf file. It's a bit of work, but well worth it.

Anybody complaining that this app doesn't work on Linux should read the description under "Supported Platforms". Good luck to all. <3
Very cool plugin, but we need more settings, please. At least
1) Choose Audio tracks (like in recording tab)
2) Amount of B-frames
Your plugin is very good but I think it would still be better if the plugin had the option in each multi rtmp had the option to choose whether you want to select for example: in one you display a web page and in another multi rtmp you display any other something like a media source and so on.
The plugin is great but, unfortunately, its connections don't start/stop streaming when you use the OBS buttons to do so: you need to start/stop them individually. I believe it would be better if they all start/stop at the same time to avoid you forgetting one of your connections on or off.
And it's worth mentioning that it only adds extra connections: you still need to configure the main streaming service into OBS configuration.
Excellent ! what i'm seaking / searching for
Its Awesome Plugin Thank You!!.... im waiting this plugin for OBS on Mac Os
Awesome plugin!! Thank you!
As a suggestion, it would be great to be able to see information of each stream.
Sorayuki, your plugin is really good, and function well. However, the plugin docking UI interface keep reset after exit OBS and enter again. I have to constantly re-adjust the Multiple Output dock, hope this help you to refine it.