Until version 1.8.1 it was possible to use the same hotkey in OBS to simply move a source between two positions.

Since I upgraded to version 2.1.0 it is not possible anymore.

Is that a bug?
That should be working. Contact me on this forum or discord to figure this out together.
This plugin works great. Takes streaming with OBS to the next level. Thanks
The most important and useful filters.
Awesome plugin and been using for the last week. Problem I have is when I exit OBS and restart, the scenes I have created with move value break and I either have to delete and start over or reset some values and sometimes that fixes. It happens a 100% of times when I exit. Now that I have made some really great scenes with it and want to use it, I am trying to figure out how I can fix this,
I have had multiple reports on move value not initializing correctly, but I have not been able to replicate it myself yet. If you could provide me with steps to replicate it (starting with empty scene collection), it would help me very much.
Feels so essential to OBS, i almost forgot it it is an plugin rather than an integral part of the program
Wow... fantastic.... brilliant....
amzing transition! so freaking smooth! is this currently compatible with v27 beta?
Awesome dynmaic addition, what a great Dev!!! Cheers
Amazing as always, Thank you! :D
Great tool, thank you.
This plugin has become a skill like rapping. Who wanna battle?
other awesome plugin
Hi i need help with using this, im trying to get an image to move in relation to an audio source but i have two issues, 1 even tho i have the settings for audio move to enable the source move filter with no threshold it still doesnt, and 2 the move source transform doesnt seem to work right, ive tried using get transform but it doesnt collect the position information, or rotation, so then i tried inputting it myself, but when i try to add anything to rot: it does the rotation but also moves completely offscreen to the left, what can i do to fix this,
Ótimo plugin! Por enquanto mexi apenas no básico dele, mas já deixa bem mais dinâmica a live, principalmente quando tem vários participantes ou quer fazer uma gravação com itens aparecendo!
An amazing plugin thank you for adding this to OBS
What would we do without Exeldro?
Smoother then motion effect plugin
Awesome! Revival of with the needed customization.
Move Transition has been a Level Up Tool on my streams! Amazong Plug In and easy to use!