I don't know how OBS existed without this plugin.

But .... I have an issue and AndiLippi says I must tell you
If I set up a single setting Move Value
then duplicate it,
I can't edit the setting's value because it isn't there.
I have to select another setting, then reselect the setting I want to use and the value appears so I can edit it.
Thank you for letting me know the issue. I will try to make a fix for that.
Amazingly, 3.0 additions make this plugin better than the excellence it already was!
Its very good can agree but if have stumbled across an error when you remove the zoom in the transition it breaks my webcam and it disapears for a second and makes the transtition look not the best but on the whole the plugin is amazing
The GOAT plugin
The best plugin for OBS studio, essential in all my scene collections.
Hi i need help with using this, im trying to get an image to move in relation to an audio source but i have two issues, 1 even tho i have the settings for audio move to enable the source move filter with no threshold it still doesnt, and 2 the move source transform doesnt seem to work right, ive tried using get transform but it doesnt collect the position information, or rotation, so then i tried inputting it myself, but when i try to add anything to rot: it does the rotation but also moves completely offscreen to the left, what can i do to fix this,
Hello! I'm currently using OBS Studio 30.0.2, and I must say, it's a fantastic plugin with a plethora of features. However, I've encountered an issue where the 'Get Transform' or 'Get Values' functions don't seem to work for me. This unfortunately renders the plugin unusable for me as I would love to utilize the 'Move Source' filter. I've tried running it both in Admin mode and Normal mode, and whether it's the portable or installed version, the functionality just doesn't seem to kick in. Is there a solution or workaround available for this?
To get Move working on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS we
1 downloaded and unzipped Move 2.6.1
2 dig down into the Move folders, uzipping some, looking for a folder called 'move-transition'
3 copy 'move-transition' to $HOME/.config/obs-studio/plugins
4 restart OBS

That's it. Then Move works in OBS 27.2.3+dfsg1-1
It works wonderfully. I just wish that that the plug-in included a move type setting to write the text on the screen and not just type it out. I use cursive font a lot so if we had a move transition effect to cause the text to be written out that would be cool.
That would require changes in the text source and not in the move plugin.
What would we do without Exeldro?
used to work before will not work no matter what i do.
For support on the plugin please use the discussion page or the OBS discord plugin channel or GitHub issues.
Feels so essential to OBS, i almost forgot it it is an plugin rather than an integral part of the program
The most important and useful filters.
Well. Saw all vids, looks fantastic but did all sorts of setting, still can not make it work.
The transition by itself is worth 5 stars. But this has like 10 more big features, including audio-based movement or face recognition. One small minus is not enough documentation.
Amazing plugin!!!
One of the best plugins you can get for OBS, allows for much more dynamic activities
As the rest of Exeldro plugins, it's perfect, and very feasible and stable! Many thanls for such a good work!!!
Sorry to rate terrible, but are any of these actually compatible with intel MacOS? I've tried time warp, move transition, and recursion. No zip files in any of the downloaded folders. The folders do contain packages, but after installation nothing shows up in OBS. So what is being downloaded to my computer?
For support use the discussion page or OBS discord.
Brilliant tool, not perfect and faultless but largely works very well for simple and complex use-cases