fix hotkeys for move filters
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Add blend mode support
Add Move Action filter
Add Move Video Capture Device filter

Fix crash when using move transition as show or hide transition in OBS 27.2
fix Move Value changing volume also updated properties
Fix reference leak in move value simultaneous and next move
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add option to move volume of a source with a move value filter
Fix glitching for some sources with no movement
fix detection of the canvas edge for flipped sources
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add options for formatted text move

format for time examples:
time: %X time: 01:02:03
time: %R time: 01:02
time: %H hours %M minutes %S seconds time: 01 hours 02 minutes 03 seconds
for real time make sure the duration is set to the difference times 1000 and easing is set off

format float examples:
the value is %.0f the value is 1234
the value is %.3f the value is 1234.567