Mountain OBS

Mountain OBS 0.3

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
The first version of Mountian OBS is now released.

  • Lua integration
  • Follow/Unfollow notifications
  • Integrated Chatbot
This plugin by itself does nothing at all, it requires plugins to add functionality. The plugins are written in Lua and will be loaded automatically when Moutain is started. If Mountain is already running, type !reload in chat if the bot is loaded, otherwise go to the preferences and click Reload.

To use the chatbot, it's recommended to use a seperate twitch account eg. (aviinlbot)

If the bot disconnects for some reason, go to preferences and untick Enable Bot then click OK, then go back to preferences and tick it again.

It is recommended to add this plugin as a Global Source.

I hope you will enjoy this plugin!
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