Mixed Reality Alpha Mask Filter 2.0

Uses the top-right quadrant of a source as the alpha mask of the top-left.

  1. Steffan Donal
    Supported Bit Versions:
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    Minimum OBS Studio Version:
    Supported Platforms:
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux
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    A better alternative is releasing on Steam soon - Mixtra!


    This takes away the setup that you need to do below, and then some. Check it out, I'm really happy with what we've made!

    This plugin uses the top-right quadrant of the thing it's applied to as a mask for the top-left quadrant.

    Specifically useful when doing mixed-reality content with Steam/OpenVR and a third controller (simulated or otherwise).
    Works with any resolution source.

    • There currently exists a bug in OBS Studio that creates black fringing on cropped sources.
      Workaround: Don't crop the filtered foreground quadrant, instead create a new scene and composite your camera, foreground, and background there. You can then use this scene as a source.

    To install:
    1. Navigate to OBS's program files folder.
    2. Navigate: data > obs-plugins > obs-filters
    3. Take a backup of "blend_sub_filter.effect"
    4. Replace "blend_sub_filter.effect" with the one that you downloaded.
    5. Select the "Image Mask/Blend" filter and set it to "Subtract".
    6. Select any image (it is not used in the filter, but is necessary for it to work)

    To uninstall:
    1. Navigate back to the filters folder.
    2. Restore the backup that you totally took because you're responsible.

Recent Reviews

  1. BFManticore
    Version: 1.1
    Using the quadrants as a work-around for not being able to select sources as inputs for filters is a great idea. I was looking for a way to do exactly this. I want to use this idea to do a texture remapping of a scene onto an object, but don't want to start from scratch, and your code is a perfect place to start... Thanks.