MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

Free MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

LED Feedback is enabled for GoXLR actions
Support of Launchkey Mini MKI/MKII (thanks to @OSBooter )
You can now bind your MIDI key to modify (Mute, Unmute, Toggle) the routing table of your GoXLR.
You can now trigger an hotkey in OBS (your don't even need to register a regular key on OBS settings for this hotkey).
Hotkeys available : Animated Lower Thirds

Hotkeys are listed in "hotkeys.csv" in "%AppData%\MIDIControl\"
New Setup:
Includes now dependencies : WebView2 & .Net 4.7.2

Major bugfix, no more crash if you add/remove filter in OBS while MIDIControl open.
You can also now modify/add your filter settings:
If you add a non-native filter setting, open "FilterLog.log" in %AppData%\MIDIControl to set Min and Max values in "filterminmax.csv"
(You have to bind it to a slider/knob, then change the slider/knob value before opening "FilterLog.log")
Studio Mode : Enabling/Disabling Studio Mode in OBS with Keybind
Renaming Keybinds : Keybinds can now be renamed !
Profiles : You can add profiles, and switch from one to another in the software or with a MIDI Key.
Profiles are made for multiple mapping of keybinds.

New UI : Buttons, Icons & status-bar for twitch, OBS and MIDI overview.
Click on the status-bas button to connect/disconnect/refresh

Launchpad MK2 should now work for LEDs. Should as I can't test, but trust me, it should :D
New features:
Send message in your Twitch Chat !
Supports for APC40 LEDs feedback
Save Record/Replay
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Sliders/Knob can now control filters settings values for OBS.
MIDIControl is now able to simulate Media Keys so you can play/pause your current track, next or previous, for any Music Player (or movie).
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MIDI Feedback (LEDs) should work for Launchpad Mini.
Scenes filters are now available.
MIDI Feedback is working also for Scenes switch.
New icon !