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Free MIDIControl - Control OBS (and SoundBoard) with MIDI Devices

Do not use other than for debug.
You'll have to run MIDIControl as admin for this version.
Possible fix for MIDI Buttons.
Possible fix for MIDI Buttons.
Features :
- MIDI Forward IN & Out, using loopMIDI preconfigured. You can now forward MIDI Message to another 3rd party app, and activate MIDI Feedback in the 3rd party app. Supports only APC Mini.
- No more configuration to activate MIDI Forward.

Bugfix :
Crash for some configurations when using soundboard.
Features :
- Preview Scene (like Switch Scene), for Studio mode only
- Media Play/Stop/Restart for Media Scene Items
- Transition manually using slider/knob
- MIDI Feedback for some OBS actions (only for APC Mini at the moment)

You have to upgrade your OBS Websocket to version 4.9.0 at least ( )
Update :
First release on a working Feedback for APC Mini (only for audio atm)
Scale for audio in OBS has been changed

Bugfix :
collision of key and sliders => You probably have to re-setup all you MIDI keys
Pause & Resume recording (not as toggle).
Bugfix for renamed items in OBS.
Transition to Program (transition with current settings), only in Studio Mode
Pause & Unpause current recording (check OBS settings to activate this feature)

Both new options are under "Misc".

Bug fixes : when entering invalid parameters in options (Delay, Channel, and Note)
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Delay between MIDI event and OBS action can now be setup in Options.
Additionally, you can now control the Transition Duration with a MIDI Slider/Knob
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Ability to start/stop/toggle streaming/recording on OBS.
Feature is under the checkbox "Misc" on Keybind entries.
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