Microphone Visual Software

Free Microphone Visual Software 1.1+ retail version for free

Just a heads up when affronted with the "Please install .NET first" message.
Feb. 15th
  • Fixed clipping when normalizer and limiter were both active
  • Added noise cancelation
  • Fixed plugin audio output handling
  • Improved plugin enable/disable
  • Added limiter
  • Added audio normalizer w/ floor and release sliders and activation notification
  • Slight change to audio processing chain so audio is correctly modified
Dear OBS Community,

It has been several days since the first version was released and since then there was a major change and a production-ready release. The beta version has the basic core functions, and with that in mind, I decided to release it for free through this thread.

That said in mind, the development cycle of the beta is over and further work is going to be done on the production release.

This version packed the EQ, simple device router, recorder, live feedback graphic, and microphone monitor. So in effect, it is five functions packed together.

Dear community,

Today Circle Prefect has opened up a shop at the primary web address. This means in the future more support, reliability, and 1st versus 3rd party routing of digital goods.