Markdown Source

Markdown Source 0.2.5

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you. So much easier for live updating streams with .md files in Obsidian. Love it! I'm using it for updating task lists. Just a small issue - it seems like the "- [ ]" formatting for checkboxes on Obsidian is showing up as a bullet point, followed by a checkbox, which I don't think should happen. As a result, it's looking a bit clunky, and takes up a bit more space. Would love it if this issue could be resolved :) Thanks a ton!
Extremely underrated plugin! I use HTML & CSS to create easy to edit & style information blocks on my layouts rather than static images that are difficult to edit quickly, and this plugin allows me to just write the html & css directly into the source and edit things from within OBS. The markdown support lets me simplify the formatting even further!
A must have <3