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macOS Background Removal 0.2.0

This macOS plugin is fantastic! Only drawback is that there's a slight delay in tracking movements. For example, when I wave my hand in front of the camera, the plugin might lag behind by 2 or 3 frames, revealing the background momentarily instead of sticking to my hand like the native macOS background removal does in Facetime or in Keynote.
This is the best background removal plug-in for Macs. Combine this with the "Source Clone" and "Advanced Mask" plug-in for an ideal solution.
in macbook pro 2020, intel core i7 is with high processing, getting close to 70% of cpu consumption. fast mode is very coarse and doesn't save cpu.
Works VERY well compared to other background tools I've tried. The "mask" is tight but doesn't chop off bits of your face. If you've got an Apple Silicon chip you MUST have this plugin.

Can't wait to see how the plugin evolves. Right now there are not many settings to play with... but... tbh it worked so well for me out of the box I'm not sure i'd actually need more settings now I think about it.

My OS is Ventura 13.3, and I'm working on MacBook Air with M2 chip.
Simple and easy and very effective!
Perfect for a first version ! easy to use !