LocalVocal: Local Live Captions & Translation On-the-Go

LocalVocal: Local Live Captions & Translation On-the-Go v0.2.1

This is brilliant. The fully-local implementation of speech-to-text already works very well.

I can't wait to see what transpires as this matures.
Easy to install and setup. Exactly what I needed
This will be huge once it gets a bunch of optimizations, whether on plugin's or Whisper's side.

You can use it for standard subtitle-related stuff, but since it can output to text files unlike other similar plugins, it can be also used with e.g. Advanced Scene Switcher as something that fuels it with voice commands.

For now, on medicore modern CPUs, it works well with tiny model (except that has troubles recognizing certain words and phrases) and base (better at recognizing, but CPU and response time struggle a bit more). For me personally it works best with CUDA version, so if your GPU is more free or better than CPU, I recommend compiling for that. Bigger models are not too usable.