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OBS Lua Local Stream Marker 1.8

  • Added an "Marker end" function with its own hotkey. Thanks, EmKeii!
  • Added 3 new columns to the CSV file to accommodate the above: Stream End Mark Timestamp, Recording End Mark Timestamp, and Recording File End Mark Timestamp
  • Added the "CSV Filename" field to enable the use of custom filenames.
  • Added the ability to add dynamic date info to the custom filename with "Datetime Format". Add "[date]" to the custom filename to use this. e.g. "my-first-csv [date]" will result to "my-first-csv 2023-07-30". Characters not accepted in filenames will be changed to "-". Thanks, AlexNotTheLion!
  • Added the "Datetime Format" field to enable custom datetime formats. e.g. "%Y-%m-%d" for "2023-07-30", "%B %d, %Y" for "September 02, 2023". If you are unsure of your datetime syntax, PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK BEFORE TESTING THIS BECAUSE USING THE WRONG SYNTAX WILL CRASH YOUR OBS! You can test this by setting your datetime syntax, then hitting your "mark stream" hotkey to check if your file will be created. OBS will crash if it's not.
  • Timestamps now show "n/a" instead of "00:00:00" if a stream or recording is not active.
Sheesh... I didn't realize I released the version with a typo. This caused massive errors on the timestamps. I had the fixed one on my computer for months. On line 206, "framerate" is supposed to be "fps_num / fps_den" (numerator divided by denominator). Thanks, MistehTimmeh!
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Creating stream markers for users who used frame rates not in whole numbers should work now (23.976, 29.97, 59.94). I misunderstood "fps_num" to be "fps_number" where it was actually "fps_numerator" so I had to get the "fps_den" (fps_denominator). Thanks to David Morales for reporting this issue.
Fixed the issue of the recording path not being detected when using the "Custom Output (FFmpeg)" recording type instead of "Standard". The script previously assumed that it used the same settings. Thanks to SnowRoach for reporting this.
  • Added a column named "Recording Path" in the created CSV file which includes the full path of the recording
  • Added a column named "Recording Timestamp on File" in the created CSV file. This will only differ from the "Recording Timestamp" column if the Automatic File Splitting function is enabled and used.
  • If the Automatic File Splitting function was enabled and used, the "Recording Path" and "Recording Filename" column now shows the new path and filename of the new file.
  • The "Recording Filename" column in the CSV file is now the actual filename of the recording and also includes the path. I forgot to indicate before that this was simply based on the default syntax or format of OBS.
  • MAJOR: Fixed the issue where the script has erroneous timestamps when used
  • Fixed the issue where 2 rows of column headers are created instead of just 1
  • Changed the Output Folder textbox to a Directory textbox to allow the user to browse to a folder instead of manually typing the path (thanks to JEJ)
  • Fixed bug where if the specified path doesn't work, the script fails to create or modify the CSV file in the scripts folder