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Release 1.25 - 4/3/2020
-Math: Chat pull now renamed to Math: Trigger pull, now works on every type of triggers, can pull various values such as names, bits amount, message and many other usefull things see commands.html for the whole list
-Math: Sound Name Pull new command, can pull the file name of every sound effect that the particular button trigger.
-Text Source Change Text new command , change the text of a Text GDI+ source
-A new window was added to see all the active and queued buttons. you can cancel them individually from that window.
-Fixed a few bugs that would crash the receiver such as selecting missing scene list
-The icon for Commands has now been changed to CM rather than WS, since it is no longer only for websocket commands
You will love this update if you used the Math: commands.
It has now been changed to be name based rather than array based.
The name is a string and can be anything, can even include spaces, symbols or only numbers.
This way it will be much easier to comprehend your commands flow.
/$#$/ parameter fill will still work the same way just put the name instead of the array number
So you don't need to worry about your old commands, they will still work as usual.
see changes to Math: Change Value for more info

Also added copy/paste and mass selection for the command window.
Changed the way the network protocol work, for this reason, you will need to update the stream deck as well. The new receiver will have no idea what the old Stream deck is sending.
Patch Note
Added a few usefull commands
Ini File read and write commands Save value and string to a file and can fetch them back
Send Twitch chat message command does exactly what it says (will need to renew your twitch token with new priviledge)
Math: Trigger Pull Allows you to get data from a button trigger such has chatter's name or bits amount and such.

Added a nice way to tell if a button is ready or not, grayed out button should not work if you press them.
In case the visual says the button is not ready when it is. You can still press it regardless and it will still send it to the Receiver no matter what, it's up to the receiver to discard it(just a fail-safe method). Also, note that there are ways to make a button last forever without being able to measure it, in that case, the button will just be grayed out until its ready again.

Now have the option to have a clicking sound when pushing buttons in the Steam Deck(if you have suggestion for better sounding sound let me know im struggling to find any soft sounding one that fit)

Let me know if you have any issues, I'm always glad to help. My email has been blocking OBS forum message so if I don't reply right away that might be why.
Added chat,host and raid triggers.
You will have to renew your twitch token to give it access to chat.

Also added a way to trigger buttons through commands, very useless.
I want to make a vieo tutorial but i've never been good at that kind of stuff so it might take time.
I added twitch integration to the app,
What the update include is.
-Allows you to link your twitch account
-Can set buttons to trigger when actions like subscription,bits and channel point redeem happen

The app now comes with a file called tls_transmitter.html
This file is required to establish https connection to the twitch api.
it must be running in order for the new features to work,
Best way to do it is to just create a Browser source in OBS. Add tls_transmitter.html as a local file.
hide it,put it in an unused scene and forget it's even there. Hopefully its not too border some.
Made a lot of changes to the receiver, Looks much better, can now delete/Add/Move decks from the receiver itself.
See patch notes for all changes
I can't think of much more to add to this, so if you need any feature added let me know.
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The receiver can now connect to OBSwebsocket and send commands.
Good for toggling filters/source and switching scenes without using macros.
The overall reliability of the receiver is up and the speed of it as well.
Check out the readme for all the Infos.
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