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A fully customizable Stream deck for your android device or PC. Manage your stream in multiple ways. Move source on screen over a duration. Manage Filters settings, turn them on and off with 1 press. Trigger actions through Twitch actions such as sub or Redeems. Can have up to multiple hundreds of buttons on the screen and can resize them freely. Change their color, add pictures and text overlay as well. Can connect to OBSwebsocket, play sounds, do macros and even some sound pitch change. I basically made this app for my self and decided to put in some extra work to make it usable by everyone else, So here is the final product.

This tool comes with 2 things.
"LioranBoard Receiver" which acts as a local server on your PC for your android device to connect to and what is gonna be performing the actions.(comes with example deck with some tame memes)
"LioranBoard Stream Deck" Which will be your stream deck, (PC and Android version included)

-This tool can connect directly to OBS, simulates Keypresses(macro) and plays sound clips of your choice.(OBSwebsocket plugin is required to connect to obs)
-You can connect multiple devices, so if you have multiple tablets laying around, you can use them all simultaneously.
-You can edit the appearance of the stream deck by changing button size, color, adding pictures to them, and adding text overlays.
-Since the simulated keypresses are not directly linked to OBS you can technically use it for any other program of your choices such as an image or video editing tool.
-Connect your Twitch account to have subscription/bits/redeem/Host/Raid/Chat message send action directly to OBS.
-Create Motion transition, scaling, volume slider and transparency transition for any source
-Modify Settings on Filter aswell as turn them on and off.

For help check out LioranBoard Discord Channel

Read Me
Button Commands Help
Patch note

Deck editor
Stream Deck 1
Stream Deck 2
Resizable buttons
My own use of it

Setup Tutorial
Nutty's tutorial on setting up the receiver
Button with multiple actions and timers
Channel point redeem stream interaction
My viewers messing with my stream for their enjoyment using LioranBoard through Redeem triggers
First release
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Great stuff, you can do probably everything you can imagine if you are nerd :)
Really great deck, reliable and always works. Definitely the ugliest deck, haha, but it hasn't crashed or disconnected on me ever like other options and dammit I'll take it
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