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What is LioranBoard?
A fully customizable Stream deck for your android device or PC. Manage your stream in multiple ways. Move source on screen over a duration. Manage Filters settings, turn them on and off with 1 press. Trigger actions through Twitch actions such as sub or Channel Redeems. Can have up to multiple hundreds of buttons on the screen and can resize them freely. Change their color, add pictures and text overlay as well. Can connect to OBSwebsocket, play sounds, do macros and even some sound pitch change. I basically made this app for my self and decided to put in some extra work to make it usable by everyone else, So here is the final product.

This tool comes with 2 things.
"LioranBoard Receiver" which acts as a local server on your PC for your android device to connect to and what is gonna be performing the actions.(comes with example deck with some tame memes)
"LioranBoard Stream Deck" Which will be your stream deck, (PC and Android version included)

-This tool can connect directly to OBS, simulates Keypresses(macro) and plays sound clips of your choice.(OBSwebsocket plugin is required to connect to obs)
-You can connect multiple devices, so if you have multiple tablets laying around, you can use them all simultaneously.
-You can edit the appearance of the stream deck by changing button size, color, adding pictures to them, and adding text overlays.
-Since the simulated keypresses are not directly linked to OBS you can technically use it for any other program of your choices such as an image or video editing tool.
-Connect your Twitch account to have subscription/bits/redeem/Host/Raid/Chat message send action directly to OBS or send twitch chat message.
-Can connect a bot account to read data from your main account.
-Can have a fully localized Notification system, no longer the need of using 3rd party website, get all twitch notification straight from your PC,Make your own or use the one included Find out how to install the default notification to LioranBoard.
-Create Motion transition, scaling, volume slider and transparency transition for any source
-Modify Settings on Filter as well as turn them on and off.
-Allows you to connect anything through Javascript (look in the extension folder)
-Can activate buttons through an elgato stream deck using the "Triggers shortcut" in lioranboard.

For help check out LioranBoard Discord Channel

If you really want this for Mac, Andilippi made a video

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Button Commands Help
Patch note

Deck editor
Button Template
Stream Deck 1
Stream Deck 2
Resizable buttons
My own use of it

Setup Tutorial
All built-in LioranBoard notifications
Nutty's tutorial on setting up the receiver
Button with multiple actions and timers
Channel point redeem stream interaction
My viewers messing with my stream for their enjoyment using LioranBoard through Redeem triggers
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Latest updates

  1. Websocket 4.9.0 is a bigger deal then you think.

    OBSwebsocket 4.9.0 came out this week and it brings some new commands that will change how...
  2. Security update

    Release 1.41b 1/28/2021 -Security update, it would be a good practice to download this update.
  3. Escape for safety

    Phree brought to my attention that message weren't escaped. So you now have a way to escape a...

Latest reviews

Hard to learn but with such a helpful community and tons of youtube videos showing neat stuff you can do, this is probably one of the most powerful additions to any twitch stream.
Incredible! I have an old dell tablet, I set up on it, and boom, sweet.
La perfección
I haven't used the mobile apps as I have a Streamdeck but I really enjoy what I can do with the PC version! It's actually more powerful than the Streamdeck software & has allowed me to make all sorts of custom Twitch point rewards. My viewers can now use their channel points to change cameras, activate or deactivate sources, I even have a point reward where they can END THE STREAM with a complex set of actions from a single Lioranboard button. It sees the point redemption, changes to the end scene, fires up a source, and then it waits & to run an OBS macro that ends the stream all without my input. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lioran.
Good Streamdeck App. Also that Channel Points thing sounds good. (Im not a Twitch Affiliate yet) But the Android App freezes in the Connect-Page (where you should enter the IP and port...) and I cant click anything there. If this is fixed: 5 Stars.
Now it works. I didnt change anything but it works
This might not be the best board for the average user, but this has loads of options and is extendable.
This program does absolutely anything and everything I could ever ask it to do. I have had an amazing time with it so far! I have tons and tons of effects that I have made but some of them are specific to certain scenes I have but people are able to call them in when ever.

One thing I would like to do with it, that i'm sure is probably possible, but I can't figure it out is, I want to be able to compare a value like the scene im currently in when an action is called and if the value is true that I am in the correct scene it calls a specific action but if the value is false it will then compare if the value is true to a different scene to determine the appropriate action.
Great stuff, you can do probably everything you can imagine if you are nerd :)
Really great deck, reliable and always works. Definitely the ugliest deck, haha, but it hasn't crashed or disconnected on me ever like other options and dammit I'll take it
Best "StreamDeck" App