League of Legends Scene Switcher

This is a specific scene switch plugin for League of Legends

  1. Sphere
    Minimum OBS Version:
    Supported Bit Versions:
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    This is a specific scene switch plugin for League of Legends.

    Download for both 32 and 64-bit.
    • 32-bit Windows: Copy LolSceneSwitch.dll (32-bit) to "/Program Files/OBS/plugins"
    • 64-bit Windows: Copy LolSceneSwitch.dll (64-bit) to "/Program Files/OBS/plugins" or copy LolSceneSwitch.dll (32-bit) to "/Program Files (x86)/OBS/plugins" (depending on which OBS you use)
    You might want to run this OBS as administrator when using this plugin to allow the plugin access to your log files.

    What it does
    It can switch scenes depending on whether the LoL window is the active window, you are tabbed out or the game is over. It also distinguishes between being in loadscreen or being in the actual game and can use a different scene for either. You can also choose a specific scene for each map (Summoners Rift, Twisted Treeline, ...), so that the plugin shows different scenes in loadscreen or in game depending on which map you play. As an example i set up some scenes and used these for the plugin to achieve something like this.

    Additional information
    The plugin gets the information of whether being in loadscreen, which map is being played and so on by reading the log file that League of Legends writes on the fly. You can browse the source code here. There's probably a lot wrong with the code, so if you notice anything that could be done better please tell me.

    Would be great if you could tell me whether it's working for you and help me finding bugs :)

    greetz, Sphere
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Recent Reviews

  1. auryn_macmillan
    Works well, but doesn't play nice with OBS scene switcher. Also the current download link is broken.
  2. Lgk2
    It works well except for when you exit league of legends client completely at which point it gets stuck.
  3. BigBouncingBob
    Works well to give a custom look to each map without having to manually switch between specified scenes.