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Just Edit OBS theme Just Edit OBS theme 2.11

Noar Prodz
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Latest updates

  1. Just Edit OBS theme 2.11

    Added a Windows BAT script to install the theme in OBS default theme folder. Need to be Run as...
  2. Just Edit OBS theme 2.1

    Mute / Unmute color button bug correction. Thanks to THE R3Y3S !
  3. Just Edit OBS theme 2.0

    New version compatible with OBS 28+ and based on the new YAMI (and mindChip theme). Only tested...

Latest reviews

Very nice, it is highlighting exactly what I need and the colors combine with each other! smooth!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a resized version of this. I'm not a huge fan of the newish looking themes they aren't minimal enough.
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
I'm sorry HateYoFace but it's not planned for now. This theme was originally built for my personal pro use. I needed a theme with larger and cleaner texts/buttons to avoid misclicking, and a more efficient color code for ON / OFF elements.
Thanks !
LOVE this theme, so much better than OBS's default -- so clean and modern. Love the colors and the extra pop of red when Recording.
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
Thanks Avaie98 !
Simply nice and pro theme!
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
That was my original idea : a clean and more pro theme. Thanks !
Very clean theme !
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
Thank you Jestair. Nice to read that.
Damn, really loving this! Been looking for a theme that looks modern, cool yet somewhat professional and not over the top. This one has just the right balance. Digging it. Good work
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
Thanks !