Just Edit OBS theme

Just Edit OBS theme 2.0

Just Edit OBS theme
Nice clean dark theme dedicated for live pro events with simple colors code.

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Based on the great work of MisutaaAsriel and his mindChip theme
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Noar Prodz
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Latest updates

  1. Just Edit OBS theme 2.0

    New version compatible with OBS 28+ and based on the new YAMI (and mindChip theme). Only tested...
  2. Just Edit OBS theme 1.12

    Some corrections suggested by @nicwillu : Add a dark border to the input boxes Rec-Pause...
  3. Just Edit OBS theme 1.11

    Small update for filter icons that where barely difficult to click on.

Latest reviews

LOVE this theme, so much better than OBS's default -- so clean and modern. Love the colors and the extra pop of red when Recording.
Simply nice and pro theme!
Very clean theme !
Damn, really loving this! Been looking for a theme that looks modern, cool yet somewhat professional and not over the top. This one has just the right balance. Digging it. Good work
Noar Prodz
Noar Prodz
Thanks !