IROS - Flexible and remotly controllable stream overlay

Free IROS - Flexible and remotly controllable stream overlay

  • Add option to block events for video and audio elements
  • Add media controls to settings window
  • Add information label to editor, shows round trip time in MS, connected editor and overlay users
  • Add cursors which display where other editor users are at
  • Added API endpoint to purge inactive sessions
  • Added basic dashboard
    • Shows uptime, number of sessions, time since last message and number of inactive sessions (sessions which have not had anyone connect to in seven days)
    • Has button to purge inactive sessions
  • Added login screen for dashboard
  • Added API token to config which gets randomly generated at first launch and is required for the dashboard and the API endpoints
  • Fixed elements showing up for a short period when loading page or adding an element
  • Fixed a bug where elements couldn't be selected anymore after moving them
  • Added option to interact with stream player to allow adjusting of volume and quality
  • Published source code under the AGPL 3.0 on Github
  • Fix buttons for adding emotes being too small
  • Fix moving windows having a small offset
  • Add audio, video and iframe element
  • Fix element resizing to allow audio and video elements to be resized by entering the resolution
  • Opacity now updates while moving the opacity slider instead of after releasing the mouse button
  • Fix header on main page being too wide on mobile screens
  • Elements now fade in and out when being hidden/shown
  • Added option to pan and zoom in the editor (Scroll wheel clicking/scrolling, Ctrl+Space to reset)
  • Added hotkey to duplicate elements (Shift+D)
  • Fixed new sessions deleting old sessions
  • Fixed rotation in editor misbehaving in chrome
  • Fix moving/rotating/scaling stopping when mouse hovers dialogs