How to view current hosts in OBS?

How to view current hosts in OBS?

Display hosts in OBS for Twitch Streamer

I have built a small tool that allows the display of hosts in OBS. So you can see who you are automatically hosted by, for example, and maybe add new people to your auto-host list. I have attached the current version as a screenshot (see left in the picture).

How can I insert this?

In OBS go to the >>View -> Docks -> Custom Browser Docks<< section. Now a new small window appears. Here you can enter a name for this Dock in the first column (freely selectable). In my case I have entered "Hosts " there. In the second column you enter the following URL "". It is important to replace the word "YourTwitchName" at the end of the URL with your Twitch Channel. In my case this would mean: "".


The small tool is still under development, but you are welcome to use it. If you have wishes or suggestions, then you can contact me.
The host list is updated automatically every 300 seconds (5 minutes). You can see the last update in the top right corner.

What do you think of this tool - I would be happy about your feedback?

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1.2 / 21.08.2020- Change text colour for missing parameter
- Added version tag to see the new changes
- Added function for new requests
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