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With this script, it will give you the power of hiding/showing object sources.
No need for doing that yourself anymore.

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  • hide
  • show
  • default
  • onhide
  • onshow
  • onstream
  • onrecord
action | source_name | time.optional (default 1s)
event | source_with_action | target_source_name | action.optional (default action inverted)
default| action
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    Added Features: Introduced new commands: rand_like_* and reset. Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue...
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    What's New: onhideEnd onshowEnd repetition onstream onrecord indexing 'Action mode' is a...
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    What's new: UI (user interface) Program sources Linear behavior Switch scenes Storage capacity...

Latest reviews

Nice, I was waiting for this version, I'm testing it and it works pretty cool. Thanks @iisxiao!
No probably man. good to hear it works well :)
A wonderful plugin, it helps me a lot with some transmissions, it does exactly what I was needing. Blessings to @iisxiao
this helps a lot as when im doing obs ill activate and forgot to deactivate.
id love to see the ability to have a timer repeat to activate so it re activates every 5 mins etc so i dont have to remember to activate it over and over.
Ahh. i see i'll look into; thanks for your feedback :)
Great wrapper, love both the UI and the CLI, great work man :) I also appreciated the thorough video tutorial after which everything is crystal clear

I would still suggest a few things if I may:

- I lack a button for starting and stopping and starting the command stack (it loops by default). For example, when I'm streaming, I want to run the commands for the source just once. They have this button in VisibilityTimer script

- Would be lovely to also update a list of events with onStreaming and onRecording

Thanks for you work once again, good luck with everything you do
Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! Your input is incredibly valuable to me, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration and see how I can incorporate them into my work.
Good job boss, put in my suggestions as well as many more, works perfect for my use case. All the other lua scripts like this just slightly missed the mark in one way or another, but iisxiao listened and got it working perfectly IMO. Quality developer.
thanks, appreciate that man.