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Free guppyi - online scoreboard platform for soccer, icehockey, volleyball and bowl

How to customize the graphic overlay
we write an online platform to administrate your score overlay easy online.

you can stream fullscreen or overlay graphics

overlay data:
  • score
  • team list
  • yellow card
  • red card
  • player substitution
  • goal
  • and more

easy to design your overlay in a few steps, add your teams and players, upload team logo, add advertising images and more...
we are looking now for beta tester. you can register online and start your scoreboard GUI:

you only have to add a webrecource to OBS
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Latest updates

  1. guppyi volleyball scoreboard for OBS is now online

    you can test the volleyball scoreboard here: volleyball scoreboard software
  2. Now we develop an icehockey scorebard (beta version) with guppyi

  3. Soon there will be a scoreboard version for drifting

    For drift United we tested the first scoreboard beta version for drifing with guppyi.