Couldn't use StreamFX anymore since it's basically locked behind a paywall now and the latest "official" release didn't have binaries and wasn't compatible with OBS30 anyways.

This is a literal lifesaver! Everything is compatible with the old effects, so all my settings got migrated. 10/10 would recommend
You should update it everytime Xaymar updates his even if its just a single character >.<
This is StreamFX.
GG <3
Bro that telling about virus has registered on the forum a day before he leave that 3-star rating. Completely bullshit, I checked every file from that plugin in virustotal by myself, 0 viruses.
Didnt go through with the installation. The build got flagged by my anti-virus, 3 stars just to leave use at your own risk disclaimer. It may work ok but first time having a plugin here flagged.
I can finally use a lot of my old scenes again. Thanks.
Bro really pulled a Thanos and said 'Fine, I'll do it myself' and saved the plugin. Good on you bro, good on you.
The StreamFX's original plugin in its original FREE open source format.