Free Stream Notifications (Twitch, Paypal, Patreon)

Free Free Stream Notifications (Twitch, Paypal, Patreon)

Hi I'm Bob and I was inspired by streamer that I watch to create free alternative for currently available stream notifications.
I cant post to tools and scripts category so I will post here, hopefully admins will forgive me:)

My web page -

What is it?

In general Free Stream Donations and Free Twitch Notifications is a set of tools running on your own PC enabling you to have live notifications (it should also work on linux and Macs - didn't test it though).

Why I made it?

Current stream notification systems work based on external web pages. You need to register to that service(page). That service will act as the middle man between you donation and paypal and can charge you for their services, such service can and will gather personal information about you, people who donate, followers, subscribers but also about every transaction that has been made through your donation button. I don't like that and because I want to be in control of my own paypal, and the fact that those services are not free motivated me to create this alternative.

Another reason is that there is absolutely no reason why I should pay someone for such a simple service - every aspect of those notifications is free and can be implemented by anyone, it is just question of reading through paypal and twitch API and knowing little about programming.


My Stream donation app work as any other similar paypal listener, using paypal API, only difference is that it is running locally from your computer. No external source is handling your donation, no one stays between the donation and the notification. Paypal is "talking" only with your PC, no external company will gather any data about your transactions and personal information about people who donate remain safe, app is not sending any data to external servers - You are in control.


My Twitch notification app also is monitored from your computer, simple html web page will periodically ask twitch, using twitch API, about last followers, subscribers.


Stream notification based on changes in your patreon profile page. Patreon does not have official API yet but that does not mean we cant monitor our home page and trigger notification when change is found.


Planning to add support soon for followers alert

Some links for you:
youtube - (
My web page -

I posted on reddit but my post just got lost in all that bulshit there, so I decided to post to people that are actually using obs and its tools. If you would like to try it out visit my web page, check my youtube tutorials and enjoy.

Please send me constructive feedback, what you would like to add to the app, what you would like to change, improve, or just info if something is not working as expected. If you try it out and will be using the app please send me an e-mail, I would like to brag about you using my application :).







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Works great on OpenShift server. Lots of features I needed.
Great tool with many customization options. Very unintrusive and the developer is always willing to help with issues.
Amazing tool, pretty easy to configure/ use :]