FREE OBS Time Tools

Free FREE OBS Time Tools v0.0.3

Introduced unix time converter for developers, transform human readabla date into the timestamp based on date and timezone.
Timezone selection now works through browser interaction and works as supposed

Various timers that can be used in OBS Studio​

  • Customizable countdown timer(set your time, colors, fonts, effects to match your overlay)
  • Online Stopwatch where you can save laps(hotkeys enabled)
  • Round timer for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, CrossFit, and HIIT(warning sounds enabled)
  • Holiday themed countdowns for all major global holidays
  • Country events countdown timer countdown to the celebration of the most important event in a nation's history
Fixed the ending texts not showing
The self promo feature allows content creators to gather audience from obscountdown users, there's only one requirement, to use the countdown in your video, doesn't matter where or how.

- Updated configurator layout to make it easier for users to configure a countdown
- Introduced slim link support
- Updated platform engine to load faster into your browser source