Free browser source Countdown / Count Up Timer for OBS Studio

Free Free browser source Countdown / Count Up Timer for OBS Studio v0.0.3

New feature was added in countdown configurator where you can enable digit outline and select the outline thickness as shown in the image below

Fixed cookie function's countup/countdown switch not saving if the save cookie checkbox is selected.
Fixed the live preview and toggle buttons on the countdown configurator page as well as simplified the configuration process.
- Now you can count up starting from a specified time by simply setting up the time and checking Count Up direction

After recent suggestions, I'm introducing an option to show / hide digit dividers in the OBS Countdown app.

- Fixed an issue that was preventing the URL from boxing timer to be copied
- Fixed an issue that was causing the hours/minutes/seconds not disappear when the option was selected
- Fixed the count up / countdown switch
- Introducing timezones for a better countdown accuracy
- Added a contact page so you can reach me faster directly from the website

Rounds timer has been updated to work perfectly in OBS Studio offering a clean interface and easy use through browser source interaction.
Countdown is now fixed, we had an issue with server connection and it has now been reestablished