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OBS Lua Fight Clock 0.2.10

Fight Clock

*PC Only

  1. Extract the Fight_Clock zip file to a folder.
    • Make sure you extract it to a permanent location.
    • If you use the template first and move the folder later, it may not work properly.
  2. Configure OBS to 1920x1080
    • Open OBS
    • Go to File > Settings in the menu bar or click Settings in the Controls dock.
    • Choose Video in the sidebar.
    • Set the Base (Canvas) Resolution to 1920x1080.
    • Adjust the rest of the options to your stream settings.
  3. Import the template
    • Go to Tools in the menu bar and select Scripts.
    • Click the + in the Scripts window.
    • Navigate to the Fight_Clock folder.
    • Select the Fight_Clock.lua file.
  4. Modify the template in the Scripts window.
    • In the drop down menu choose Options to create the fight clock.
    • To reset the template click the Reload Scripts button.
    • Settings are automatically saved.
  5. Assign Hotkeys
    • Go to Settings and choose Hotkeys in the sidebar.
    • All hotkeys for this template are at the bottom of the first section of hotkeys
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