EvntBoard a free steamDeck alternative

Free EvntBoard a free steamDeck alternative

Why EvntBoard ?

At the beginning i start developing EvntBoard for myself, to discover new technologies and now i found my tool quite amazing and i just want to share it.

I'm tired about upload data X services to get my stream a great look, so EvntBoard use only local data, and if you don't using chat service (twitch for example), you can used it without internet for just controlling OBS !

Who can use EvntBoard ?

EvntBoard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and can used by a phone, tablet or another device in the same network.

EvntBoard is not hard to take in charge but it require a little logical skills cause everything is javascript.
Don't be scared, it's not that hard ! And i wish to create some tutorials :)

A non-exhaustive list of features :
  • Obs :
    • Scene switching
    • Source mute
    • Source settings
    • Scene Item visibility
    • Scene Item position / motion
    • Scene Item scale / motion
    • Scene Item rotation / motion
    • Scene Item settings
    • Filter visibility
    • streaming / recording status
    • streaming / recording start, stop, resume, pause
  • Twitch :
    • message
    • action ( /me mytext )
    • whisper
    • user join / leave
    • host
    • raid
    • custom reward
    • ban
    • bits
    • sub ( prime / T1 / T2 / T3 etc ...)
    • emote only
    • sub only
    • slow mode
  • OS notification
  • Play Sound ( can be routed to specific audio cable with windows :D )
  • Text to speech ( can be routed to specific audio cable with windows :D )
  • Variable system
  • shortcut support (CTRL+1 etc ...)
  • Write / Read file support
  • Open external link
  • Manage clipboard
WOW amazing ! Can i use it ?

Download Link in discord : https://discord.gg/TsqjcK2
Documentation : https://evntboard.io/
French presentation

In the future ?
I want to add a module system to permit someone to create his own module for example control spotify :D

PS: Sorry for my bad english ...
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