This release adds support for OBS Studio version 30.2.
Usage guide:
Increased incoming data limit, which prevented some 4K sessions from starting correctly.
Fixed a crash when switching between multiple profiles.
Fixed an issue whereby adb would cause connections to linger, breaking OBS websockets.
(Shout-out to the user reports on these!)
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This release adds support for OBS Studio version 29.1 (currently in beta).
* Multiply Wifi Discovery queries to deal with potential packet loss.
* Ability to change video size/format without manually clicking "deactivate" every time.
* Further reduced log output and other internal tweaks.
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* Hotfix/rebuild to support upcoming OBS 29.
* The "Activate" button has been shifted up to make it more prominent.
* The Mac installer now includes adb for more seamless USB support.
* Reduce some potentially verbose logs over long sessions.
* Merge changes from the new DroidCam client branch, which includes many tweaks and adjustments.
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DroidCam OBS releases v1.6.0+ work with OBS 28+ (current).
DroidCam OBS releases up to v1.5.1 work with OBS 25 - 27.2.

Downloads have been posted on the website and are also available on GitHub.
  • OBS v25 is the new minimum (previously v24).
  • Updated colorspace handling in video decoders (sRGB detection/support).
  • Added WiFi discovery: clicking [Refresh Device List] will update the Device drop-down with both usb and wifi search results. You can now select a wifi device instead of typing the IP manually.
    Requires latest iOS (v1.9.x) and Android (v1.6.x) phone apps.