Works perfeclty! I think this is the best way to connect the phone camera to OBS, especially if you buy the PRO version. Good job devs!
Works great with my Pixel 4a
I've tried many other similar plugins/apps, and in my experience DroidCam OBS is the best and most stable! If you need to connect your Android or iOS device with OBS, then look no further.

I've been using the Pro version for over a year, along with several Android (OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 8T, Redmi Note Pro 8) and iOS (iPhone 5s, iPhone X, iPhone 12 Pro) devices. I usually use any two devices at a time.

I get excellent video quality and minimal latency over a USB connection (I don't use it over WiFi and I don't use the audio, so can't comment on the same).

Also, it comes with a nice remote control feature that docks in OBS. The devs update the plugin pretty frequently and have been improving functionality and quality over time.

Highly recommended!


PS - while it may sound like the devs have paid me to gush over this plugin :) They haven't :(
haha Thank you!
excelente funciona de 10, en mi Moto G30, lo que aun no puedo hacer es utilizar el lente gran angular, por lo demás vale la pena lo pagado
Hello, I am very enthusiastic about the app.
Would it not also be possible to use the app via mobile data? So that you can leave your PC running and then use the app to stream to the OBS on your PC at home while on the move? That would be very cool, because you could keep your overlay as it is. A twitch chat function would still be helpful, but if you could stream to your OBS at home, that would be wonderful.
Hi, Thanks for your review. Streaming via mobile data requires extra guards against the less reliable network, and there would also be a need for cloud servers to mediate the connection. This is currently outside the core purpose of this plugin/app -- which is to act as a webcam replacement / simple DSLR. You could try as an alternative, which I believe works both via Wifi and mobile data.
I use the Droidcam virtual camera instead of the OBS Virtual cam - because downstream keyer content will be shown with it. Great work - thanks a lot!
Works very well, for me even better lag than NDI official app.
This works remarkably well. The app for android costs a few bucks if you want to go higher than 640p without a watermark. Lag is minimal and camera switching and audio work great.
very nice plugin
after last update the lag on usb connection became horrible - it's at least 500ms ;/
Sorry, cant help thru the reviews here. Would you mind instead posting in the discussions or emailing directly,
Makes you watch ads then doesn't unlock pro... can't rotate to portrait mode to work for where i'm streaming not seen by other apps so cant use background removal that i pay for also does not let you choose resolution or any camera settings making my Pixel 8 Pro camera look like a cheap webcam
Hi there. The app supports up to 4K resolution and most camera settings; You can rotate the source in OBS Studio as usual; the Ad-Tier option is for removing the watermarks and not unlocking all Pro options. The app website has detailed documentation on most of this, and you can email/post here for extra support.