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DIY Control Deck and PTZ Camera Joystick

I designed a DIY Control Deck for use with OBS Studio for our church. It uses x-keys to switch scenes and do the transition, but you can map the keys to do whatever you need. I added a joystick that twists to control zoom and pan & tilt.
  • 3D print the base:
  • And the top:
  • Build the control box by adding the SparkFun Pro Micro, Frustration 3-Axis Joystick Potentiometer R300B-M2, and Cherry MX keys. The .ino file is included with the top to program the micro-controller. Use the Arduino IDE to make any changes to the code and/or write the code to the controller.
  • Install the "PTZ Controls" plugin for OBS Studio.
  • Install 'AntiMicroX' on the computer to map the joystick movement to keystrokes.
  • Go into the OBS Studio setting & enter the 'Hotkey' section.
  • Click in the grey box for each action you want to map and press the corresponding key or move the joystick to match the action.

Feel free to use, modify, enhance as you would like.
No warranty expressed or implied.
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