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DistroAV - Network Audio/Video in OBS-Studio using NDI technology 4.14.0

Noted discussion of malware on Reddit and ran via Crowdstrike Sandbox which returned a malicious rating with a threat score of 100 out of 100.

It is doing everything under the sun lol
Worked Wonders for Me
Thanks for your Work.
I switched to teleport, it just works, not like this.
obs-ndi caused more problems than it solved.
Excellent changes!! thanks! I tested the PTZ control on our Neoid PTZ 4K camera and it didn't work, the image arrives great via NDI, but the plugin's PTZ controls don't work.
A great plug-in for sure. I use it with my S22 Ultra to use as a webcam for twitch. I was testing DroidCam for OBS with USB and its an excellent program as well EXCEPT for the resolution. So I ask on discord for advice on a high quality alternative to get the most out of my high res phone camera and I'm sent here. Boom. $20 to test it out but im satisfied.

My only issues so far is it makes my phone run very hot. No screen dimming that DroidCam has. No remote either that I saw.

Maybe I should post this on the Play Store as well. Not sure who's developing what and where I should post suggestions.

Anyways thanks for plug-in. It works like a charm.
v4.11 crashing OBS 29 randomly 5 to 15 minutes whether streaming or not...
As soon as I install it in obs 28.2.1 and obs 29 the program doesn't open anymore
the plugin is great but when I update to OBS 28 the Mevo camera audio sounds robotic
This plugin is very good, it's good that you updated it to version 28 of obs
this is unfortunate... I echo Habster81's thoughts, this is a huge minus for OBS Studio :-/
For those wonder on the state of NDI . It's currently listed as just a work in progress.
Not compatible with OBS v28.... Any plans to fix this? OBS without NDI would be a huge minus for the whole OBS Studio....
Doesn't work after upgrading to obs 28.0.1
not updated for newer version of obs
not working after obs update
not working with OBS 28...
Works quite well on Windows, as far as the time is synchronous on all systems (difference <1 sec!).
With Linux, unfortunately, it does not work very well. Picture and sound freezes every 2 seconds.
A fixed LAN connection is required, WLAN should not be used.
It's working fine. Thanks.
Does not work with Windows 11
I have used this many times and works perfectly with NDI over large networks and local networks.