Display Fightstick Motions

Free Display Fightstick Motions 210124

It works like a charm overall.
The creator of this software is open to discussion and he’s feedback is quick and accurate, so I think this software has a great potential for growth.
It might seem like a trivial thing, but it’s important for those who want to develop fightstick techniques. The creator sharing such unique software openly deserves a good compliment.
Easy to setup, customize and integrate into overlays, works like a charm. Added value to my retrogaming streams, thanks.
Very Nice. Only thing I would change is to somehow make the customization easier. Other than that very solid app. THANK YOU!
i think that this not necesary
Works perfectly on my Hori Fighting Edge with Brook Converter to Xbox 360.
Easy to configure and just works, and can be made transparent to place my stick art below it!