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DirectShow Audio Source Plugin

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  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
Audio output devices (such as speakers) are not working at the moment. You can use OBS-MP to record more than one device for playback or recording OR as a workaround, you can install FFSplit and use the "DirectSound Capture Device" DirectShow filter provided with the application, which captures your default sound output device.

During my recent work on the DirectShow plugin, I came up with an idea that it might be possible to make a DirectShow plugin to act as sort of a custom audio source... and this is what it ended up being. :)

It's sort of hackish in some ways on the source code side at the moment, but from my testing it seems to work fine.

If you feel the need for custom audio sources, feel free to grab the files from here:

Edit: I realize I didn't explain very well what this thing does.
It allows you to add any audio input device, playback device or video capture device (if it has audio capabilities) and use it as a source in OBS, so you can use it in addition to the mic/aux and playback devices in the OBS settings.

NOTE: At the moment, only one DirectShow audio source that outputs to desktop sound can be active at one time in a single scene, for additional sound output sources you must select the option for outputting sound to stream only.

A fair word of warning: DO NOT go about adding a recording device such as a microphone and picking "Output Sound to Desktop", as this might cause a terrifying loopback that could very well cause damage to either your speakers, headphones or ears, or all of those at the same time, depending on your audio settings.

Edit by Jack0r: Paibox gave me the source of his work, it is not cleaned or commented but I host it on github if you want to check it out or help improving. It is totally his work and I just put it on github! Support for the plugin has therefore ended! You can use OBS-MP instead!

0.552b+ files:
Updated 5/10 - Fixed string not found message (thanks to Greg Woolf): (32bit) (64bit)
(Unzip the contents in your "Plugins" folder for the version you intend to use the plugin with.)

Updated 28/8 - Recompiled to work with the new API.

Old files: (32-bit) (alternate link) (64-bit) (alternate link)
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Not sure how, but it allows me to use my USB DAC with OBS. Many thanks for this!