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CoyoteMIDI is a free windows app that lets you turn MIDI messages into keystrokes, mouse clicks, and more, allowing you to control scenes in OBS through MIDI controllers. With CoyoteMIDI, setting up these translations takes mere seconds. It is also possible to control much more throughout your entire windows system beyond OBS.

Setting up a translation is as easy as it can be.

Create a MIDI to hotkey translation for every scene in OBS to switch to any of them from the press of a button on your MIDI device.
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Finetune the behaviour of your translations to make using them as convenient as possible.
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With CoyoteMIDI, any extra key, button, fader, or knob on any MIDI device can be made useful by making it control your system.

For a walkthrough on setting up CoyoteMIDI, please check out this video:
For a preview of some of the more advanced PRO features, watch this:
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