Composite Blur

Composite Blur 1.1.0

This is great! When blurring a video source, you can tell that the algorithm is factoring in some blank pixel values (around the edges). You can have the algorithm "mirror" the edges instead (or even just repeat the edge, other programs have these available as a simple checkbox or selection box), and then use those values in the blur. This results in a better, though still not perfect, blur. Google "edge handling gaussian blur" for more info.
Did not install at all. Installed manually and via the installer and nothing shows up.
Amazing Blur Filter, low resource utilization keeps the ship sailing smoothly
Works perfectly and I am using it a lot. Thank you for sharing
works well
Doesn't show up in OBS. Not even after restarting OBS. And install twice with the installer and once manually...
Worked with the user. Was an issue where they were expecting to see "Composite Blur" in the filter list, instead of their local language translated text. Have changed this behavior in the newest version (1.1.0), so that the add filter menu always shows "Composite Blur" to be consistent with the documentation.
Works awesome!! Thank You :)
This works wonderfully, and I'm so happy to have an excellent active pixelation filter now. Thank you!
Low usage, crop options, pixelation, wow! really easy to use! Awsome plugin!!!
Everything one could want - and more! Thanks for a professional-level, complete, well-designed and well-functioning plugin. I tried several others to achieve blur effects, and this one is most excellent.
This plugin it quite literally OP! It is stunning and is jam packed full of features. I can guarantee anybody using OBS NEEDS this plugin. Great job FiniteSingularity. Keep up the great work! <3
Amazing! Finally, the perfect blur effect we were all waiting for :) Thanks!