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CLR Browser Source Plugin [OBS Classic ONLY]

Minimum OBS Version
Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
This plugin is for OBS Classic only. OBS Studio users, use this plugin instead.

This plugin is currently tracking the stable chrome branch (2062).
Currently on Chromium 37.0.2062.94

Notable features:
  • Accelerated offscreen webgl.
  • Per-source FPS control
  • Pepper flash support (removes need for single-process mode)
  • <video> tag with h264 support
  • <audio> tag with mp3 support
  • Twitch chat popout
Notable changes:
  • CSS no longer works off chromes user style sheet (removed in Chrome 32) and now injects the style changes after loading of the page is complete.
-> extract to C:\Program Files (x86)\OBS\Plugins

-> extract to C:\Program Files\OBS\Plugins

You need to update your MS Visual C++ Run Times to 2013:
Click download and choose the x86 or x64 accordingly.

You also need to upgrade (if you have not already) your .NET installation to 4.5.x:
Web install:
Offline install:




Old Version:

Mac/Multiplatform users:

See also: How to install Plugins
To help the development of the Plugin check out the Source.
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Latest updates

  1. Video(h264) and Audio(mp3) tags supported, minor bug fixes

    Changes <video> tags support h264 <audio> tags support mp3 Mime type detection in templates...
  2. Chromium 37.0.2062.94 support

    32bit: 64bit...
  3. New CLR Plugin Test release

    This is a release only for 64bit OBS only at the moment...

Latest reviews

Is there an update on this for current OBS Studio 28?
well done preciate this!!!1
For some reason the studio version is locked behind a login wall, so I setup an account only to be shown an error page. An OBS update broke my browser sources, and now it's unrecoverable? Why is this so difficult? Surely big streamers are using a browser source plugin too, where is it?
Can we update the plugin please? And when I click the use new plugin for OBS Studio, it says 'Oops, something went wrong.' Help?
good plugin, but outdated, should be updated and some features added, also if you use more then 2 or 3 pages or links with this plugin, they will stutter in the stream/video and this doesnt depend on the hardware you use.
no update for new obs
I only registered on here to let ALL OF YOU know...the last time this page was updated was all the way back in September of 2014. You can only imagine how many updates and changes have occurred since then. It seems like this page and project could use a lot of updating.
Downloaded this did the instructions and now my broadcasts don't work, thanks alot for fuckin up my OBS settings.
Can we get an updated version of Chromium, please? Twitch chat isn't loading anymore