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Closed Captioning via Google Speech Recognition 0.0.8

As well as zigarot, I agree and have been waiting for an update to provide an extension that gives cloud speech recognition or an improvement over the experimental one integrated with OBS. This should be fully integrated and replace obs's experimental one. I strongly urge any streamer who uses OBS over any other platform (slobs, xsplit, ect) that this will make you drool. it's a great tool. Use it!
While there are many "closed caption" options available for streaming, They usually involve a twitch extension or an overlay that you put in as a source, rendering them mandatory viewing for all viewers.
Meanwhile, the existing OBS studio Closed caption (experimental) option works as a great CC option that viewers can turn on and off on stream, HOWEVER it is absolutely abysmal to the point of I only used it as a joke. It just doesn't recognise Australian English at all, even if you train the Microsoft Speech Recognition in Windows.
This completely changes the game and I have been waiting YEARS for someone to make it. If you are a twitch streamer, make sure to put a tag on your stream for "closed caption" so our hard of hearing viewers can benefit!