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Closed Captioning via Google Speech Recognition 0.0.8

Works great!
works great best cc tool ive used would like some way to have a second source so that i can add a cc for my crew from discord
in the subtitles it gets a bit stuck but the plugin is fine
Love the plugin. Does exactly what is advertised and does it very well.
Only suggestion I have is that it appears to store the TXT/SRT in memory until the stream or recording is finished when transcribing. Is it possible to save it (semi-)real-time? Maybe flush the data to the text file every X seconds or so?
even with the beta of version 28 this plugin is still my favourite for close captions
Awesome plugin!!!

Really useful for transcript generation. Would be great to be able to output WEBVTT file format as well.
GREAT, I AM IMPRESSED. Getting the o/p into a source would be killer.
This plugin is really awesome. I used it for instant open caption for recording my lecture class. With only using Google API, it has many possibilities to detect more language. Best for those who hate to take notes and just let technology do it for you.

However, I can't install this plugin on Linux. (im a noob). I'm trying to find your contact so I can DM, if you see this, please leave help me. By the way, I am using Zorin OS 15, it should be Ubuntu based distro. It would be appreciated if you could assist me. Here's my discord: RIcohLA#3915
Great plugin, but why doesn't it allow it's output yo become a render-able resource of it's own. I want to see the CC output in my OBS stream, right from the captioning plugin. Do-able?
Works well during texting, happy it can save SRT of the result.
Great plugin, though I suppose improvement of the voice to text recognition would be on google side, right?
I'm french, I'm using the french (Canada) because funnily enough, I find it working better than the french (France).
It works marvelously!
One feature which I really really want for the next updates: enabling text editing in the preview window / dock.
I think this is very important for some application such as live meeting because sometimes there was a word that make horrible means, since Google's recognition not always 100% correct.
Great plugin easy implementation and checks all my boxes might not be 100% correct all the time but that's to be expected :) It seems to get better from day to day.
Plugin works fine on Mac, but I no longer stream with it.

Any plans to find a way for it to work with the AMD Hardware encoder on Windows? I can tell that it's hearing my voice but it doesn't get sent to my streams.

Thanks for providing this, hope we can get that resolved though. Great resource as accessibility is a must!
For anyone wanting to add closed captioning to their stream, this is the absolute best way to go about it. No extensions, nothing cluttering your screen. The speech-to-text gets things right almost all of the time, barring things like usernames in chat. The best part is, since the closed captions are embedded with the stream, they save to the VOD, which doesn't happen with extensions!
As well as zigarot, I agree and have been waiting for an update to provide an extension that gives cloud speech recognition or an improvement over the experimental one integrated with OBS. This should be fully integrated and replace obs's experimental one. I strongly urge any streamer who uses OBS over any other platform (slobs, xsplit, ect) that this will make you drool. it's a great tool. Use it!
While there are many "closed caption" options available for streaming, They usually involve a twitch extension or an overlay that you put in as a source, rendering them mandatory viewing for all viewers.
Meanwhile, the existing OBS studio Closed caption (experimental) option works as a great CC option that viewers can turn on and off on stream, HOWEVER it is absolutely abysmal to the point of I only used it as a joke. It just doesn't recognise Australian English at all, even if you train the Microsoft Speech Recognition in Windows.
This completely changes the game and I have been waiting YEARS for someone to make it. If you are a twitch streamer, make sure to put a tag on your stream for "closed caption" so our hard of hearing viewers can benefit!