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OBS Lua Clone Template Scene 20210220

Even for one-time events I usually have to create a few dozen of scenes. Those scenes are nevertheless based on just about 5-10 template scenes (one, two or more persons in scene, etc). For maximum flexibility my template scenes are based on StreamFX's Source Mirror because this allows my to configure the video streams of involved persons at a single source and position and transform them individually in each scene. For creating the particular scenes out of the template scenes I usually cannot just use the OBS Studio copy & paste functionality of scenes as it copies the sources by reference. I really need to copy all sources of a template scene by copy, because I want to adjust the sources afterwards without changing the template's original sources. Additionally, copying a source usually does not copy its transforms, so I had to copy & paste the transforms of all sources manually, too.

For my recent event I got tired of this manual copy & paste process and decided to automate the copying of template scenes. The result is a OBS Lua script clone-template-scene.lua which allows my top select the template scene, specify the name of the target scene and with a single button click I get the entire template scenes correctly and fully cloned. In case your work flow also involved reusing template scenes, feel free to use this script, too.
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