ClipAMP - Show Winamp Song Title In A Text File

Free ClipAMP - Show Winamp Song Title In A Text File

ClipAMP is a program that will allow you to display Winamp's currently playing song in a text file. You can then add the text file to OBS Studio.

The thing about ClipAMP is the ease and updates. A tool called Snip used to be our go to solution for Winamp song title to text file but now due to updates and support being dropped for Winamp I thought It was time for a new tool to take that place - a new tool for Winamp - ClipAMP.

You can download, view source code, and do things easily on the GitHub repository. There you will also find a download link to the program.

ClipAMP will be updated and continue to support Winamp. That is what it was made for and will continue to be made for.
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