0.2.2 had some boot issues. This update just fixes that. Sorry everyone!
New Stuff:
  • New Logo!
  • Add Create Clip Action: Creates a clip on twitch of the last 30 seconds.
    • Sorry it's not configurable, it's a limitation of twitch's api
  • Support Mouse4 and Mouse5 button presses for mouse click action (Thanks DonMortis)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix autocomplete in obs filter actions not completing scene names. (Thanks GraveEmbrace)
  • Fix empty chat commands not matching every chat message (Thanks dix0nm8)
  • Fixed Input emulation not working in some games (Thanks DonMortis)
  • Fixed click and drag weirdness in the action editor
  • Fix action queue bug stopping chat command permissions from functioning properly

Cool Downs​

  • Chat Commands now have an optional cool down to prevent spam. (Thanks FitzBro and CasinoCypher for the suggestion)

Previous Scene​

  • A new action has been added to the OBS plugin that acts like a back button in a browser, but for OBS scenes.
    • Useful for triggers to change to a scene temporarily and then return to your original scene!

Emotes Overlay Update​

(Overlays are still in an experimental state, they don't have UI for configuration yet)
  • Accessible with browser source set to (http://localhost/emotes.html)
  • The emotes overlay now supports BTTV, 7TV, And FFZ third party emotes. (Thanks camelul for the suggestion)
  • The emotes overlay now supports animated emotes!
  • Added URL params spawnX, spawnY, spawnAngle, spawnSpread to allow configuration of where the emotes appear (Thanks VerboseToast for the suggestion)
    • Angles specified in degrees.


  • The Minecraft RCON plugin now correctly reconnects to the server after it loses connection, and will attempt connection when settings have been changed.

UI Improvements​

  • Units have been added to actions with measurements, mostly time inputs.
  • Icons have been added to boolean inputs so the they display more intuitively

Dev Junk​

  • The twitch plugin now has lastFollower as a state option, useful for displaying the user who last followed. lastSubscriber is delayed due to API limitations.
  • Reduced Log Spam
  • Added some defaults to make actions behave better without editing.
Trigger Overhaul
  • Triggers have been made easier to use with a completely new interface in the profile page.
    • You can now see small previews of the automation that is bound to the trigger.
  • Triggers now have per-trigger configuration data allowing for much more user friendly and flexible triggers.
    • All the chat triggers have been merged into one chat, with permission switches in their config
    • All the number based triggers now have explicit ranges, allowing for overlapping triggers
  • Profile triggers can now have inline automations, you no longer need to make a whole automation file for short commands. Simply edit in place in the profile.
  • When editing a profile trigger you can now see the variables it supplies to actions so you can use the {{ template }} system without inside knowledge.
  • Existing profiles will automatically upgrade to the new style/format
Improved UI
  • Added click & drag indicator to help newcomers understand how to build automations
  • Fix numerous issues with the click and drag of actions from the toolbox
  • Better styling on schema driven UI
  • Navigation menu has been reorganized to be more user friendly
OBS Integration:
  • Added media controls
  • Added volume controls
Twitch Integration:
  • Added ability to get a raider's stream category for shoutouts.
  • Current variable values can now be edited by clicking on their current value in the Variable pane
  • Fixed issue with deleted variables not clearing out their value.
Dev Junk:
  • Updated to the latest stable electron
  • Update pass on packages
  • Pruned unused dependencies