CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.1 - Support for non-USB cams

Since 7.2.3 CamooZ will not list any virtual cameras, as they don't have settings to be modified anyway.

What CamooZ did, was to check if the device path contains the string "usb" as in e.g.
\\?\usb#vid_30c9&pid_0030&mi_00#6&352ecc9&1&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196} ...

Turns out some internal laptop webcams are no USB devices, so now we shall also check for "display#int" as in

Thanks, @pamichel
V 7.4.0
  • New (experimental) option to force the currently selected profile repeatedly
  • Fixes handling "never exit, send to tray instead" when ending CamooZ via tray menu
  • Fixes window position issue: when CamooZ previously ran in a multi-monitor setup and when then re-started with only one monitor, CamooZ sometimes resulted in being active but outside the new smaller screen boundaries. CamooZ's window positions will reset to defaults now if previously stored positions are out of bounds.
  • CamooZ "Start with Windows" will now only create one auto-start item


  • The Autoload System can now be completely toggled on or off
  • After auto-loading a profile it will now properly show in header and as profile box selection
  • The misleading description "start minimized next time" has been replaced with "hide in tray after start"
  • Added option to send CamooZ to tray rather than exiting when pressing the upper right "X" or Alt-F4
  • Added an option to make showing the log after auto-load optional



Thanks to D.Lowicki for the ideas / hints.
Autoload (profiles) - 1 profile per camera - assign with right click

Windows Autostart Option
Apologies for this new update: I had a major issue with my development setup and some embedded graphics got messed up.
In this version all lock/unlock buttons (finally) show up properly again.
I purchased a new camera, the Insta360 Link. Turns out the software that comes with it allows saving different cam position settings as well as hotkeys.

BUT: when pressing the buttons or using hotkeys the Insta360 zooms, pans or tilts at full speed.

So I have decided to work even more on the SmoothPTZR functionality and allow the user to choose between 0 and 128 milliseconds of delay between the individual cam position steps. Turned out nicely - see the video here:



7.3.6 also fixes an issue with lock icons not showing that I introduced with 7.3.5 yesterday...
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V 7.3.5:
  1. Clean disappear and reappear from taskbar when minimized to tray (Thanks again, @M4SC )
  2. Saving profiles will no longer be interfered by changes another app may be doing to the camera at that moment. Thanks, Steve from!
When you minimize CamooZ to the system tray (aka task notification area) or "start minimized to tray" CamooZ will now properly disappear from the taskbar - and re-appear when restore from the tray using right mouse button and the associated popup menu.

Thanks @M4SC for the idea and the hint!
Fixes a timing issue for somewhat slower responding drivers.
CamooZ now handles any device that does not support Powerline Frequency or Low Light Compensation. This also (but not only) fixes previously reported issues around the Elgato Cam Link 4K - (not Elgato's fault, mine of course!)